Sketchy Sneek a Peek – Summer of Color

Always on the lookout for things to divert me from mundane living I stumbled on Summer of Color – A weekly challenge that gives you a color palette to use.  Any medium goes: sewing, jewelry, quilting, art journaling, digital art . . .  even NAIL ART!  

Since my nails are broken and split I resorted to my recent scribble-a-face “kick”. (the first color palette of the Summer is . . . . 1 Blue + 1 Blue + 1 Green)

colored pencil

judy’s sketchbook, colored pencil

Sneek a Peek, Scribbling Rubens

judy’s lesson:  Use others who are more accomplished, wiser, creative as inspiration not aspiration.

Combining Carla’s Spark assignment on sketching great masters, Lynn’s on doing portraits and Shari B-P’s suggestion to do more gestural drawings (I always, ahem, do as I’m told) I used Peter Paul Rubens Portrait of Susanna Lunden as a starting point.


After scribbling Mrs Lunden I shut my art book (alas, I don’t have the original as a reference) and took liberties  – I figured neither Peter Paul nor Susanna are around to mount a Twitter protest . . . or sue me.

Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens, Portrait of Susanna Lundens

Tutorial Time: Collage – Dualities

I want to show you how you don’t have to do creative expression all at once.  If all you have time or energy is 5 minutes you can express a lot in 5 minutes – release some tension, emotions or just simply create.  The important thing is that you don’t have to think or plan — just do it spontaneously.  Remember it’s CREATING that is healing NOT the CREATION.
Here are the very first steps in my collage.
1.  I drew a face with pencil and then cut the two halves apart
2. I cut out magazine pictures and photo copied them in color and black & white.
3. I pasted magazine pictures on the page:  Color copy on one side, B & W on the other side
4.  I used a cross-hatch stamp to stamp a random pattern
5.  I put a small bit of white color on the face and over the top of the pictures, using acrylic paint mixed with glazing media to keep the paint transparent.
(This begins to blend the photo-copies into the page)

A Month later . . .

I had about 15 minutes before bed and here’s what I did:
I started adding paint to the dual picture. I kept the two split sides next to each other as I add the first layer of acrylic paint.
I prefer to work spontaneously and intuitively.  So I just took a couple of tubes of acrylic paint and started adding to the picture – giving as little conscious thought as possible.  I mixed the paint with a lot of water and acrylic glazing media which makes the paint thinner and more transparent.

That way the collage pictures I had pasted down will show through even if I put paint over them.

When the pages are separated you can see a bit better how each side of  the split picture begins to take its own look:

When I get another 15 minutes I’ll do some more!