The HeART of Spirituality – Journey from Dark to Light

The theme for July is “Journey”.  Held a special 4 hour – yes, count ’em FOUR hours of creative energy – workshop yesterday.  The participants focused on a painful experience, what strengths they developed as a result of the pain and how God’s love or “the universe’s grace” touched them.  

People could share as much or as little as they chose.  It was a wonderful group of women.  (All you men, where are you?!!!!)

Take a look at a sample of wonderful paintings and mini-journals the participants created yesterday!

To see all the paintings and journal pages click HERE!


Process painting, Journey from Dark to Light



“Everything in life ministers to our development. Our lesson is to study and learn… Tests are either stumbling blocks or stepping stones, just as we make them.” Abdu’l-Baha, The Baha’i World Faith


Mini journal – 2- page spread

The HeArt of Spirituality & Creativity, week 1

Great group of women.  (Why oh why do so many men shy away from these kind of workshops?)

We painted the covers of journal notebooks with acrylic paint.  It was a 5 step process painting.  First step was the color of spirituality. The next 3 steps were spirituality in childhood, early adulthood, current time.  The last step was the colors of God (or whatever spiritual belief greater than them self they had)

Each step was done VERY quickly and layers of paint are built up on their journal covers.

The journals were wonderful.  Sorry that the lighting and my camera know-how were lacking as the journals are very bright and colorful.

Next one is coming up this Friday!  Check out the information here on the Workshop Schedule Page.

In the meantime here are some pictures.

The HeART of Spirituality, June 2013

The HeART of Spirituality,
June 2013