My Lost Decade

As I was watching a documentary on the Eagles it hit me that the 1970’s was a lost decade for me. I was working 2 jobs, going back to college for a Master’s degree in education that I didn’t want but was necessary for me to keep my job and feeling pretty alone and under-the-gun.

A decade lost in eternity
The time of no memory
I no longer remember

Change of perspective
no longer here
perspective of time
no longer there

Already gone
here and there.

Faint of Heart Need Not Apply

Human Condition

Faint of heart need not apply 

Varied positions

Picture, emerging head, DCP_8561Been a hard couple of weeks, maybe months, but who’s counting  . . .  won’t go into the gory details . . .  When I complained about aches and pains, my loss of energy and motivation to my Baha’i “guide”, Jim, his response was:

“Being human and/or getting old is not for the faint of heart…….”

It made me think (There she goes again . . . “thinking”): Very few of us get out of this condition called human without pain, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional;  I have to accept (perhaps not like) that my life, all life, is ultimately about loss.

Starting from birth and losing the comfort of our mother’s womb, we are on a continual, unremitting passage of loss.  Some of the loss is welcome and some not.

Perhaps what is important is less about the actual loss and more about how we “work”  it.  

(But right now I’m too exhausted to work anything . . .)


Freddie High Q

We love open prompts

doors are left ajar, gates too

No fencing us in

* * *

This dog owns the streets

Freddie is as Freddie does

Makes territory

Freddie Parker Westerfield

Freddie Parker Westerfield

* * *

He’s fuzzy Freddie

pure white as the driven snow

with patches of beige

* * *

We are a matched pair

tails wagging in unison

with neurotic love         

Brain on Over-Drive

The "Hag"

Anxiety is the brain’s way of trying to keep us alive.  It wants us to be safe and so it looks for anything and everything that may not work, could be a problem, might be dangerous.

For most people who have anxiety “disorders” their minds are always working, scanning their physical, mental and emotional environments: A non-stop cacophony of thoughts , trying to avoid difficulty, figuring out something that doesn’t make sense . . . day and night; An adaptive mechanism in overdrive.

Faster and faster 

can’t stop a run away train

going nowhere fast


Racing rumbling thoughts

can’t stop a run away brain

A one way ticket

I’m Overwhelmed by Convenience.

Haiku-Heights, Prompt BREEZE

If I read enough I will FINALLY understand how to relax, organize, optimize my health, wealth, knowledge and time.   So I spend hours googling, oogling the glut of information on the internet. There is an overwhelming world of seemingly infinite information, suggestions, apps and opinions.

In my paperless office I print out an overwhelming number of copies of the

“important” information I NEED to keep.


The ubiquitous availability of E-mail, text messaging is a miraculous, mind-numbing, overwhelming demand for instant response.

Facebook and Twitter’s constant reminders to keep checking lest I miss out on something “crucial”. . . smart phones sing,  computers beep to let me know.

Being blown away

 technology tornado 

an absolute breeze




I was struck by the ending of Phylor’s poem.

I wonder how you would you finish the sentence

“Sometimes when I’m alone”?



by Phylor  

Sometimes when I’m alone

I slip a disc into the “boom box”

And dance around the kitchen.


Sometimes when I’m alone

IPod nano set to shuffle

I’ll walk for hours, for miles


Sometimes when I’m alone

I pretend to be another me

Singer, actress, novelist, historian, educator


Sometimes when I’m alone

I listen to the zillions of tiny noises

That makes up the sea of sounds and souls


Sometimes when I’m alone

I look up into the night

And see a million, billion, trillion stars


Sometimes when I’m alone

The computer keys fly by

The screen fills with strings of words


Sometimes when I’m alone

I close my eyes

And see universes


Sometimes when I’m alone

I’m alone

I’m alone