Would I Make an Appointment with Myself?

I am a bit at a loss for words.  Those who know me will find that almost incomprehensible.

just read an excellent post on Phylor’s blog


You need to read it in its entirety.

It made me stop and think. She wrote about how easy it was for therapists to tell her what to do without really knowing who she was or her circumstances.

Over the years I’ve thought about seeing a therapist to talk to about my struggles with fibromyalgia.   As both a patient  and a psychotherapist Phylor’s post made me wonder if I would see me as a therapist.

I’m stubborn (NO! you are thinking . .), am more of a leader than follower (learning to take the back seat).  I have strong opinions and some have hinted I’m not very patient (which I vehemently deny !).

I know that I have changed in the 25 years I’ve been in practice . . .  . . . . .For the best?

My training was psychodynamic –  finding insight into the  unconscious which is to lead to life changes.  The bulk of the training was to erase my own personality,  listen and help the client find their own answers.  This sometime taking years and years with no discernible changes – just lots of insight and money (unless you have insurance . . .)

Insight without action is meaningless.  Now I lean toward what is called a Cognitive-Behavioral approach. I still find lots of value in unconscious meaning and motivation but  I frequently offer clients “options, actions and possibilities” and often hear myself saying to them “It’s very easy for me to say and not so easy to do.”

There is a fine line between having “answers” and empowering people to take right action – whatever “right” might be for them.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of clients later I know all I really can offer is being witness to their, hurt, confusion & pain, with patience, love and a few behavioral options..

Guess I found some words.

Now to find a therapist that’s right for me.  Easier to say than do.