Play with your food


I’m posting this, in anticipation of December 23, 2013 because I probably will forget to post it then.

I don’t care for radishes.  You never know when you bite into one if it’s going to be bland or bitter.  It is much more appealing to admire them as opposed to eat them.


Oaxaca, Mexico

“Every year on Dec. 23, artisans from around the region show up early in the morning to set up stalls in the plaza and put the finishing touches on elaborate sculptures carved from radishes — not the petite, round ones we’re used to in this country, but big, heavy radishes — some as big as 6 pounds and 20 inches long. More than 100 people have signed up to compete in various categories in this year’s contest, according to the Mexican daily El Universal. They’ll be working with some 10 tons of raw material.”

“The Night of the Radishes is serious business. Contestants register months in advance, and local authorities oversee the growing and harvesting of the radishes to make sure no one gets an unfair advantage. And there’s serious money at stake: Last year’s oax042winner reportedly took home 15,000 pesos, or roughly U.S. $1,173 at the current exchange rate.”


And I thought Mr. Potato Head was the be-all, end-all . . .