The Ultimate Water Conservation Landscaping

My good friend Sharon doesn’t know it but she’s a MURALIST.  Here is her latest “landscaping project” on the wall alongside her Cave Creek, Arizona home. AMAZINGSharon and her masterpiece1
Sharon and her masterpiece

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Normal Need Not Apply

Sharon and I go back to grade school, 4th grade Madison Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona.  We both played violin (I played at playing the violin).

At Camelback High School we shared most of the same classes.  We both were on the college track.

Sharon was REALLY smart.  I have proof — she was class Valedictorian.  While I was running for school offices, Sharon stayed behind the scenes: Editor-in-chief of the school paper, a creative writer, Junior Statesman, Honors Societies, racking up A’s in all her classes.

After graduation from High School our paths never crossed until our 40th High School reunion.  

We talked and talked and it was like we had never been separated.

And we discovered  we both went to college in Northern California (where she was on full scholarship). We both ended up in the helping professions. Sharon’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  We both ended up with chronic medical conditions.

We discovered we had a lot in common – nether of us was NORMAL!

I have proof:  On this page is a representative sample of some of the things SHE has picked out to send me:

Friends are like bras, close to your heart and all about support (embroidered on pillow)

Behave like a duck . . . Keep calm on the surface, but . . . paddle like the dickens underneath!

Now here’s the rub.  Everyone has always known I’m not normal BUT SHARON hid it! – just like her duck!

Well, my dear friend, now that you are almost as old as I am,

it’s time the world knew:

You are abnormally smart, abnormally kind, abnormally talented and a wonderful abnormal friend.

Happy HAPPY  Birthday!

 I love you!

P.S.  The package is in the mail.