Frankly Freddie: Pudsey’s Got a Partner with Talent

My human being . . .  just can’t get her to twirl and roll over.  She tries but just doesn’t have the talent it takes.  Pudsey is lucky that he has a younger and more limber student.

Pudsey and Ashleigh 

Me, exhausted after trying to teach my HumanBeing to roll over

Me, exhausted after trying to teach my Human Being to roll over

If Pudsey can melt Simon Cowell’s heart . . .start dripping now!

This video is worth it even though the start-and-stop-video feed is frustrating!  If you like dogs you’ll LOVE Ashleigh and top dog Pudsey’s on super cute Britain’s Got Talent audition. Dancing together to BC-52 tune The Flintstones

In case it doesn’t load, click here

Thanks Joyce for the SMILES!