Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones but Rejection Feels GOOD

intriga090400013Pain Rx: Make inappropriate, insulting or degrading comments to people you know, barely know or don’t know at all!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here’s proof it works:

 Excerpt from Sticks and Stones: Brain Releases Natural Painkillers During Social Rejection

“Over more than a decade, U-M work has shown that when a person feels physical pain, their brains release chemicals called opioids into the space between neurons, dampening pain signals.”

“David T. Hsu, Ph.D., the lead author of the new paper, says the new research on social rejection grew out of recent studies by others, which suggests that the brain pathways that are activated during physical pain and social pain are similar.”

To read the entire research article click on the title

My back is really hurting, could use a bit of brain opioids . . . mmmm, I wonder if it works with blogs? . . .  you fools! . . . nope, guess I need to insult you in person to get my opioid hit . . .