Frankly Freddie – Top 10 cutest animals in science for 2014

Dear Human-beings,

It’s never to early to plan ahead.  I’m thinking to qualify for the Top 10 Cutest Animals in Science for 2015.  I just have to figure out the science part.  Any ideas?

Freddie Parker Westerfield, CA

Freddie Parker Westerfield, CA Cute Animal
Freddie Parker Westerfield, CA
Cute Animal

creepy-crawly (krē′pē krôl′ē)


Creepy and Crawley

creepy-crawly (krē′pē krôl′ē)

noun pl. creepy-crawlies -·ies 

Slang something, as a crawling insect or spider, regarded as frightening and repugnant

Webster’s New World College Dictionary Copyright © 2010 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. 

There’s a large Daddy-Long-Legs climbing up the baseboard.  I’m not fearful of Daddy-Long-Legs.  Don’t want him creepy crawling up my leg but I’m not fearful.

Flash back to my blog post  Dec 21st, Fears I’ve Overcome and Those to Come .   In the comments almost everyone included some kind of creepy-crawly in their fear list.  The creepy-crawly that stood out most came from:

“So, what am I afraid of?

Huntsmen (icky, although I have rescued myself from one last year)”

Thinking she didn’t want to be involved in a relationship with a man who hunted, since her preceding sentence was about falling in love, I responded back:

What are “huntsmen”?  My California dictionary calls them “hunters” – people who shoot little animals for sport.  I actually was surprised when

Josie replied:

In Australia a huntsman is a large brown spider with very long legs. It usually lives in pergolas and likes to come inside, hunting for prey. It has been known to drop down out of a tree onto people at night- not to bite, but just its way of getting around! Usually there is an appointed “huntsman catcher” in the household who pursues the poor thing with a broom and bucket, afterwards dumping the contents outside (we don’t kill them).

Australian Pet Huntsman Spider

Thanks Josie for one more thing to add to my list of fears should I ever travel to Australia!

I think I’ll go tell Daddy-Long-Legs he’s got nothing to be afraid of.

Added information from another “Aussie”!!!!!!!

Depending of the size and “look” of the spider, it faces several “fates:” big and scary gets caught under the glass, and transported outside; small and scary goes to the plants in the porch; big or small and not scary stay where they are, tho I do tidy up their “nests,” “webs,” and “leftovers.” Mostly “jumpy” spiders that stay.
My creepy-crawly “get it out of the house NOW” are centepedes and millepedes. Confession time: earwigs I just kill. Then, I’m the “hunter,” and the earwig the “prey.”