Who am I anyway? Identity Crisis Coming to a Computer Near You.

The whole world is witnessing my identity crisisI grew up in a time where there was no internet.  If you had an identity crisis, no one knew – they just presumed you “missing”.    Since I’m on lots of internet and social media sites  I realize I should rewrite every cyberspace bio, intro, profile out there . . .

DSCN6234 My first rewrite:  Former child star (I once was a child and being the first-born grandchild I was the star in the family) who gave up the limelight for a degree in English literature, traumatizing her to the extent that she never read another work of fiction for 30 years (skipped over high school years because they were even more traumatic).  After working in the banking business (I was a data entry person when teletype machines were cutting edge) she traveled the world (not the exactly the world but I did hitch-hike in Europe) . . . 

. . .  too wordy since so far I’m only up to my early 20’s:

Second try:  Former child star (gonna keep the star stuff – start off with a bit of dazzle to capture the reader’s attention) who quit being a psychotherapist to pursue her life’s dream and hasn’t a clue what that might be and is a bit afraid that if she knew she couldn’t afford it.  Keep reading her blog because when she knows what, who or why she is you’ll know too.

Maybe I’ll just leave all the bio’s and profiles as-is and let people think I’m the oldest psychotherapist on the planet – which might be a good bookend to being a child star . . .


Analyze this Challenge!

“You might get to meet my crazy twin Karla; she’s the one on the left ~ (ANALYZE THAT Judy!!!!!)”

Received an e-mail to get together from my friend Konny* with this picture and the above statement.

Konny* knows that I will rise to a challenge.

What she doesn’t know is that I’m going to let all of  YOU in on Konny’s* personality just from observing her picture:


Konny* & Karla or Karla & Konny*

  • Konny* is starry eyed and/or bug-eyed.
  • She is a frustrated Mime who can’t find a venue in which to perform (at least one that pays her)
  • She has a very strong masculine side because she is joined at the balls.
  • Konny* THINKS she is a split personality but in “reality” there is just two much of her to go around.
  • She thinks she reaches for the stars but her elbows are bent.
  • She has very clean bathroom mirrors.
  • Konny* is a wonderful friend.

If YOU see anything in her personality I don’t see let me know.  I’ll send it on to Konny*! (anyone read palms?)

* Name has been changed to protect me.