6 word stories and Stephanie – The Foundation for Art and Healing

The Foundation for Art and Healing  is a great organization.  They are asking for submissions of six-word poems for National Poetry Month in April.  Click on this link The Foundation for Art and Healing to submit yours!

Here’s 2 of mine and 1 of Freddie’s:

*      *     *


Long time no see.


*      *     *

The earth gets drunk on rain

*      *     *

Need to pee?
Find a tree.

*      *     *

AND read Stephanie’s story on the The Foundation for Art and Healing newsletter.  Here’s an opening paragraph to whet your curiosity:

“When I was sixteen years old, I unexpectedly went through severe heart failure. After waking up from a month-long induced coma, my UCLA doctors told me that in order to survive, I would need a heart transplant. I was stuck in a room with four blinding white walls, tethered to machines on full life support. In the process of suffering, with death just around the bend, I made the conscious choice to continue. I asked my parents if there was any way I could write. I knew in order to find strength I needed the tools to soar above my sixteen year old body, and I needed words to set me free.”