Year of the Fairy Tale – MAGIC!

Ta Da! Here’s the final FairyLand book.  Although I didn’t have the imagination/energy/where-with-all to contribute do take a look – it’s charming, the pictures are wonderful and what people think is “magic”, although inspired,  may be diagnostically significant!!!!

fa i r y l a n d  The Art of the Fairy Tale Zine

Year of the Fairy Tale
Year of the Fairy Tale

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“Year of the Spark

It looks like fun.


Year of the Fairy TAIL – you can lead a horse to water . . .

The Magic Horse is our new fairy tale.  Gotta draw 11,000 horses with my eyes closed, one-liners and scribbly.  Every since our 7 week summer hiatus I’ve not gotten my drawing-umph back.  But here are 6 of the 11,000 horseys drawn with my eyes closed.  We are suppose to pick one that is our favorite to paint.


Favorite Bald Horse #1 – That’s his TAIL.
Favorite Bald horse #2 with an udder