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(When I recover from trying to contain these wonderful, but wild women,

my aim is to post the focus & resulting journal pages of each workshop . . . when I recover).

DSCN4750“I have a great time and never miss a class.  I am not an artist but have learned and really enjoy my creations and the work we do together.  A great bunch of gals to meet with be supported by and to support.  I love working with Judith for the past several years.  It is always a good experience.  It will change your life. Really.”  Carol Falacara

DSCN4752“I love this workshop! I needed to continue to process this event in my life and this workshop lets my creativity come out to process.”  Cory Haninger

DSCN4753I enjoyed the most:  “What my fellow attendees share and how they inspire my journey and my artistic images.”  Katie Truitt

DSCN4765“I love this workshop because it’s a combination of a girl’s support group and an art class . . . a totally unique find of an art class invented by Judy!  Judy doesn’t teach boring painting technique but she does teach us how to open up our hearts and souls and realize that everything we create is wonderful!”  Sandhya Larsen


DSCN4767 DSCN4770 DSCN4771 DSCN4773 DSCN4778“My first time! Truly worth every minute spent reflecting me and laughing with these wonderful ladies.  Thank you Judy for an amazing experience and I look forward to many more and happy to work on it at home!” Tritia M.


The End

P.S.  Instructions to participants on the feedback form: “I value your comments and feedback . . . and I need some more rave reviews for my testimonial pages.

2 New Workshops!!!

Research has shown that creative expression in all forms is therapeutic – lowers blood pressure, enhances immune response, decreases stress level, to name a few.  I love creativity for that reason and it’s FUN.
For over 10 years I’ve been presenting Therapeutic Creative Expression Workshops. Creating and presenting are the FUN & easy parts, getting the word out is the hard part.  I would so appreciate your help in passing on the information to anyone you know who might be interested.
With appreciation,

Register for BOTH Friday 12th & Saturday 13th

for the special price of $110

It’za Freddie Friday* Special 2 hour Presentation!

# 1 – How to Find Confidence in Your Creativity

Freddie Looking Confident
Freddie looking confident*

Friday July 12, 2013

6:30 pm –8:30 pm

$35, all materials included

Ever said, I’m not creative?

Ever felt caught in the mundane, monotonous?

Ever believed:  I’m not artistic?

Ever wanted to experience “art” that is Easy!  Fun! & Confidence building?

 *You’re just going to have to TRUST ME! We ALL are innately creative.  I’m giving this special presentation to give you a tiny taste of how you can find confidence in your creativity! 

Special bonus!!! Meet Freddie! (for free)

 CEU’s available for MFT’s & LCSW’s both workshops


It’za Therapeutic Creative Expression

5 hour Experiential Workshop!

# 2-Finding Confidence in your Creativity


Saturday July 13, 2013

12:30 pm – 5:30 pm

$95, ALL materials included

FUN!  EASY! Therapeutic Creative Expression

Dab, dribble & scribble your way into creativity

NO artistic talent, experience or inclination needed to:

  • Let go of your inner critic
  • Embrace the creative spirit that is you!
  • HAVE FUN creating!
  • and take home works of art!

All workshops:

30011 Ivy Glenn Drive, Suite 104

Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Space is limited – RSVP a must.


Register for BOTH Friday 12th & Saturday 13th

for the special price of $110

Such’a deal!

CEU’s available for MFT’s & LCSW’s both workshops

The HEart of Spirituality, Week 4

While I spent one-on-one time with each participant processing the series of paintings they did (over the four weeks) for meanings, messages and the relationship  to his/her life the others made prayer beads and prayer sticks. (whew!, long sentence!).  There are a few pictures from the homework using the 3-spiral labyrinth in any way they wanted.

Take a look at the creativity and variety!:

Here’s two “feedbacks”.  The other participants, and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, are still writing them and will send them to me QUICKLY!  Right?  RIGHT!

Every workshop I do is testimony to the power of THERAPEUTIC CREATIVE EXPRESSION!

This workshop truly helped me to reconnect with own personal sense of spirituality.  I liked the way we addressed spirituality in an open and affirming way with respect for everyone’s individual take on spirituality.  

I love the way I learned how to use art to connect with and express my creative and spiritual self.  I also learned a lot about how to do art and become an artist . . . and I’m exited – very excited – about taking the next class!”  Sandhya Larsen

“Overall – loved it!  I’ve needed a creative outlet (expression) for sooo long.  In so many ways, this class has really permitted me to develop confidence in myself and acceptance of my process.  And the sharing and support of the group was really terrific!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! “ Nancie K.

Mask Painting to Express Feelings – Wendy’s Mask

After posting pictures of one of my  mask workshops mask-painting-to-express-feelings Wendy Holcombe commented that she wished she could paint a mask (my words, not hers).  So I sent her a mask form that I use in my Therapeutic Creative Expression Workshops.

Take a look at Wendy’s post on CreateToHeal!  She painted the outside and collaged the inside.  Then take a listen to what she says about her experience and her mask.

Read her last post to really understand  Wendy Holcombe’s life. She’s remarkabe.

P.S.  You can do this exercise without an actual mask form or paint.  There’s a free tutorial and a “processing exercise” on the Tutorial page.  You’ll have to scroll down . . . it’s there.

And let me know what you did.  I’ll share it (with or without your name) to inspire others to try Therapeutic Creative Expression!

Therapeutic Creative Expression! Jumbo Journal Workshop

Very cool . . . . er rad . . . . er beastly* Jumbo Journal pages!  Make sure you notice the “bindings on some of the journal books.

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*Thanks Laurie F for letting me know that “beast” is the latest high compliment among those who are young enough to think of me as old, VERY old.  I don’t want to lose my edge.

Can “Art” Be Medicine?

For the first time in my 26 years of being a therapist I have cancelled every single client and Jumbo Journal workshop for the entire week.  Some cold virus landed on me and decided to use my body to procreate.  If I didn’t feel so miserable it could be kinky.

Now I truly believe  that Creative Expression in any form – painting, dancing, singing, drawing, scrapbooking, knitting, journaling – is THERAPEUTIC.  

If I walked the walk I should be drawing, painting, collaging, singing and dancing.  Instead I just watched this video while I creatively sneezed into softy tissue and therapeutically moaned.  That’s about all the medicine I can swallow right now. 

P.S.  Please wash your hands after viewing the video because I touched it and

I don’t want you to get sick.
The transcript is below.

(Pictures are from my Therapeutic Creative Expression Workshops)

Transcript: Can Art Be Medicine?

Since the beginning of time art and the creative energy behind it has captured our imagination, energized us, comforted us, and inspired us. Creative expression has an undeniable power providing insight into what it means to be human. Is there something about creativity…how we engage with it and share it with others…that can actually improve our health? Can art be medicine?

Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD – Director, Penn State Institute for Diabetes & Obesity
Art has been around since the origins of our species and for it to have lasted as long as it has says something right away about how important and central it is to the human existence.

Edward Hirsch – President, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
There’s never been a culture without art. There’s never been a culture without poetry. There’s never been a culture without music. They must be delivering something to us that we really need for our pscyhes.

Robert A. Gabbay
You think back to those days and all the challenges that existed just to survive and have food, but they still took time for art so obviously it had some value for them. And that value clearly had something to do with health. We’ve forgotten the original stuff that worked quite well before we had all the medications and technologies for treatment.

Captain Jason Berner – US Marine Corps
Here I am a strong, physically demanding warrior. Why do I have to do art? I plan battles. I plan wars. I take life if absolutely necessary. I’m not doing art.

Stephanie Paseornek – Writer, Heart Transplant Recipient
The first second that I’m writing a poem…the first second that I started typing…I lived, I breathed a little bit deeper than I had that whole time. It felt better than trying to communicate with the doctors about how I was feeling or trying to communicate with therapists about how I was feeling because in truth in those situations people are trying to help you but you don’t necessarily know how you’re feeling.

Creative engagement bfings us into the moment. It puts us in touch with who we are and connects us with others. It helps us get unstuck. It helps us move forward.

In very traumatic illnesses and very traumatic situations like war, everyone is changed.

Captain Jason Berner
I lost three marines due to IEDs…I lost several of my friends in one deployment.

Stephanie Paseornek
When I was sixteen years old I had a heart transplant. I was in the hospital for three months.

Captain Jason Berner
I found it odd that each time I did something with art therapy I felt better because there was something in me that was dying to get out. And through art I was able to express it.

Stephanie Paseornek
I remember writing about this. I remember writing to my heart. I remember asking it to please work with me. I remember really almost in letter form just saying that I know this environment isn’t natural for you…I know that you’re in a foreign place and so am I…and together we can find a home.

The first thing is to think about something that you like about being at the hospital. Is there anything you like about being at the hospital? Is there anything good about being here?

Steven M. Safyer, MD – President and CEO, Montefiore Medical Center
It’s essential to add other components into traditional medical modalities. Anything from the use of artwork to the use of light, to the use of drama, to the use of storytelling…and the engagement of the patients and the patients’ families in an art experience to help them have the optimal care they deserve.

Charlotte Yeh, MD – Chief Medical Officer AARP Services, Inc.
We are learning that storytelling and arts and emotional health is just as fundamental to well-being as your physical health.

And just thinking about it, talking about it, writing it down, expressing it obliquely, expressing it directly…that can help.

Nobody knows what a scream looks like. Make your own scream.

Helen Meyrowitz – Artist, Alzheimer’s Care Giver
And one of the ways of doing it is to say to yourself, “I am feeling lousy today. I am feeling so goddamned (sic) blue and disgusted I could just scream.” Take out a pen and make a scream. Whatever that looks like…nobody knows what a scream looks like. Make your own scream.

Linda Hettick – North Hill Memore Care
Do you have a memory of the fall leaves…what you used to do and play with them? And what would that be? I remember as a little girl we’d have a bunch of friends and we’d gather up all the leaves and make it into a big pile and jump into it. And you remember doing that?

Captain Jason Berner
I would have never have talked about what this meant. But I was able to express it through something that everybody could see what it was and see what it meant. But it wasn’t me. I was shielded in some ways…I was protected. I was able to express it in a way that was safe for me.

Melissa Walker – Art Therapist & Healing Arts Program Coordinator, National Intrepid Center of Excellence
Drama’s actually encoded as sight, sound, smell.

Captain Frances Stewart, MD – Integrative Medicine Physician, National Intrepid of Excellence
Part of the brain that’s involved in speech called Broca’s Area just really does not work as well when people with PTSD are trying to talk about their experiences.

Melissa Walker
When you’re able to process what you’ve been through using the right hemisphere and then apply words, you’re then re-integrating the brain.

Arts can reduce stress and any emotional overlays that are associated with it. And stress and emotional aspects clearly are related to a variety of hormonal changes that can then lead to disease.

Captain Robert Koffman, MD, MPH – Deputy Director for Clinical Operations, National Intrepid Center of Excellence
I really believe that in the next few years we will have some detailed examples as to what works and those individuals that come in are studied intensely. And in doing so we are able to catch them in that freefall, but at the same time hopefully inform the system in months to years to come.

If all we did was sit back and wait to begin until something’s proven, nothing will ever happen. I predict more and more we will learn the benefits of storytelling, of writing, the use of various art modalities, and we’ll use that in our enviornment to create wellness and health and prove that it works.

Meghan D. Kelly, MSEd, CCLS – Director, Child Life Programs – The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore
My dream for this work would be for it to be accessible in all venues…in the clinics, in the community, in the schools. It’s really such a valuable part of how to teach children and families how to deal with challenges in their life that I can’t imagine a single setting that it wouldn’t be appropriate to put it into.

Can you imagine if the prescription is not only for what the next pill is, or a prescription for not to have too much soda in your diet, but the prescription could also be: where’s your happiness? Where’s your pleasure? Where’s your artwork? Where’s your music? Come in and show me next time.

You don’t need to be an artist to do this kind of art that we’re talking about for healing. Anybody doing anything that feels good to do that is getting something in you out. I think the beauty here is this is all very accessible to virtually everybody.

Even though people might think that art is not the same as medicine, it was my medicine and I think that without it I would have still been sick.

Through simple things…able to create something that makes it okay to feel the way I feel…and help take that burden away.

Scientific research has already shown that harnessing the power of art can promote health and healing. It is now critical to expand these efforts. Exactly how creative expression promotes healing may forever remain somewhat mysterious. But the ability to draw on the power of art to transform and expand our lives, reduce suffering and create new possibilities is beginning to be accepted as real medicine. As real as an antibiotic or surgical procedure.

Medicine has made great strides in the past one hundred years. It’s now time to go one step further by incorporating artistic expression into the ways we provide health and healing. All will stand to benefit.

Foundation for Art and Healing

Read more:

JUMBO Journals – The Colors of my Life

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Can you believe that these were done with a credit card as their “paint brush”?

These are from the Monday afternoon Therapeutic Creative Expression GroupShop.

Not one drop of acrylic pain on the floor but there was some on the wall!


Dear all my best Friends,

It’s about time! My human finally is giving me my due. CreativitytotheMAX has not been living up to its name. MAX, that’s ME!  It’s not CreativitytotheJudy for barking-out-loud!

It’s only fitting that I have my picture on the Header, it’s only appropriate that I have my “Welcome!” on the top of the side-bar, it’s only FAIR that I not be relegated to a secondary “page”.

Most of you don’t know but I’ve had my own Newsletter – “. . .totheMAX” for many years.  It has been enjoyed by many of my best friends and has received some degree of notoriety.  I’ve not had the opportunity to send it out for many months as my Human has been very lax in learning how to get my e-mail list of best friends working so that I can resume publishing.

So that my Human doesn’t pout I will tell you that her last workshops were well received.  Again, I wasn’t allowed to attend but  I do feel the need to respond to some of my best friends who wrote about their experience so they don’t feel slighted.

Finding Purpose workshop:

“As Usual, you are an inspiration to me to keep on going . . .My experience was informative, imaginative, Enlightening”
Dear Margo,
Where are you going?  I love walks

“I loved it and it helped me to realize there are more possibilities”
Dear Fariba
There are even more possibilities if you take me for a walk too.

Journaling Workshop:

“I enjoyed it all.  This is addicting and I learned to express myself thru color and simple pictures rather than words.  Thank You!”
Valerie D.
Dear Valerie,
Walking is addicting too and I can teach you how to express yourself through tail wagging and ear position rather than color and pictures.  Let me know when.

“The interaction with the other ladies was fun and interesting.  I like being able to make a mess – to use paint and have fun.”
Marilyn P.
My Dear Marilyn,
My HUMAN LET YOU MAKE A MESS and HAVE FUN.  Let me tell you that if you make a mess regularly around her it isn’t fun.

P.S.  I suspect my Human is letting me write this post because she didn’t lose a single pound this week . . .