Reflections on Me – it’s all about me, isn’t it? – and FREE Stuff

First and foremost: Thank you to all of you for reading my posts, taking your time to comment, clicking on the “like”  or offering your love, insights, personal struggles, poems, pictures and humor.

sunnymars100900002Evolution: I walk a fine line between what to disclose and what to keep private, both as a therapist and as a blogger. As a therapist my training was to never self-disclose. Therapists are supposed to be a “blank slate” upon which clients  project their own feelings, fears and hope.

As I’ve “evolved”, modified or down right let go of more and more of my “training” – what remains always surprises me.  This blog continues to evolve with me and probably surprises you too!

Objective Observation: Clients come in looking for a quick fix – understandable and healthy not to want to remain in a state of  pain, confusion or fear.  They  look to me for my point of view (there goes the blank slate!).  Truth be told, they don’t always like my point of view but I give it anyway.

I am not an expert on life – just an observer, a professional lookie-loo. The only difference between my clients and me is that I “usually” can objectively  observe my own  unhealthy (read, “bad”)  behavior – can’t always stop it but I sure do know what my part is.

Behavior: Time for me to begin to act on my observations. 

Observation: My entire life has been about teaching and sharing what I’ve learned. I didn’t deliberately set out to do this, it seemed to just happened.


Observation: I’ve accumulated a TON of  “stuff”.  I have closets of  craft supplies, audio recordings, power-point P1030969presentations, creative expression tools & techniques on a variety of topics such as health & wellness, spirituality, psychology, creativity etc, etc.

Behavior #1: I’ve begun to make more changes to this blog.  I’m adding FREE STUFF, rearranging and editing.  Can’t afford to pay anyone so I struggle with the technology side – struggle is putting it mildly –  it is slow going and doesn’t work the way I’d like.

  • It isn’t very “user-friendly”
  • I don’t know how to link things for easy retrieval. (I’ll try to put the new “stuff” at the top.)
  • You’ll have to periodically click on the “FREE STUFF” on the header to see what’s new.
  • I can’t figure out how to create MP3 downloads so the audio recordings will have to be listened to on the blog

P1030059Behavior #2:

After a 6 month hiatus I will start facilitating live workshops again.  That will help thin out the supply cabinet!  I’ll post the schedules on the blog.

As many of you know, my attention span does not span a lot of time, my interests pull me in many directions and my physical health sometimes puts a damper on my intentions.  So be patient, be encouraging and please share with your friends what I share with you.

"Happy New Year" from Bob the Blob Fish

Happy New Year from Bob the Blob Fish “Humph”

Yes, YOU are creative.

“I’m not creative.  I can’t paint.  I can’t draw”.  Words I hear all the time.

“Yes, You CAN!  Creative expression is not about making something look like a photograph.  It’s about using color and smushes and dabs and globs to symbolically represent anything you want”.  Words I repeat all the time

Take a look at this portrait and poem by Therese Lydia Josef.

 Therese shares her world with wonderful color both in paint and words.   She teaches children’s classes too.  Take a look at some of the kid’s work here.  It’s inspiring.
I Want What She’s Having by therese-joseph

my vision
gone blurry, my focus gone weak
all I can see:
her savour the flavor – no sharing with me

my mouth
closed barely, no sense in my cheek
all I can fate:
is fiction aroma of what she just ate

Try it with crayons!  They’re not intimidating.  They’re cheap.

Life is short. Just have fun.

Take a look at the Tutorial Page for some prompts, ideas, inspirations

The SketchBook Challenge 1/1/11

Doddle, paint, draw, scribble, collage - Experiment! Have Fun!

Been getting questions about this on-line activity so here’s more information:

This is NOT my challenge.  A group of 16 artist have gotten together and beginning Jan 1st  a new theme will be announced each month.  Throughout the month the artists will be showing images from their sketchbooks and talking about the intention and inspiration behind them.

Here’s a cut ‘n paste from The sketchbook Challenge Blog: 

Have fun, you never know it could sell for millions (after you're dead)


“Along the way we’ll be sharing tips, techniques and tutorials.  We hope that by giving you a peek inside our sketchbooks and showing you how different they all are that we’ll inspire you to start keeping a sketchbook of your own.

Thanks to the generosity of some terrific sponsors we’ll be doing some givewaways and special shopping offers too! “

  1. Paint smeared on paper with magazine picture


    You can even sketch like Picasso!

If you want to experiment with your own sketch book send me  photos and I’ll share them (with or without your name) so that 

Use small sketchbooks

others can be inspired to try it too!

I think this is a fun opportunity to tweak your own CREATIVITYTOTHEMAX whether you periodically just take a look at the artists pages or try it out for yourself.

You don’t have to share/show your pictures, you don’t have to be an artist, you don’t have to have any artistic experience!  Just bring your curiosity to see the creative PROCESS in action.


Cut up paperbags and whitewash the pages with paint or gesso. That's FREE.


I’ll periodically post my SketchBook sketches so you can see it’s NOT about making beautiful pictures.  It’s about having fun, experimenting, lowering your blood pressure, reducing your stress and stretching yourself to explore your world!

I’ve put their  badge link on the sidebar you can click on to access their blog.

Tutorial Time: Collage – Dualities

I want to show you how you don’t have to do creative expression all at once.  If all you have time or energy is 5 minutes you can express a lot in 5 minutes – release some tension, emotions or just simply create.  The important thing is that you don’t have to think or plan — just do it spontaneously.  Remember it’s CREATING that is healing NOT the CREATION.
Here are the very first steps in my collage.
1.  I drew a face with pencil and then cut the two halves apart
2. I cut out magazine pictures and photo copied them in color and black & white.
3. I pasted magazine pictures on the page:  Color copy on one side, B & W on the other side
4.  I used a cross-hatch stamp to stamp a random pattern
5.  I put a small bit of white color on the face and over the top of the pictures, using acrylic paint mixed with glazing media to keep the paint transparent.
(This begins to blend the photo-copies into the page)

A Month later . . .

I had about 15 minutes before bed and here’s what I did:
I started adding paint to the dual picture. I kept the two split sides next to each other as I add the first layer of acrylic paint.
I prefer to work spontaneously and intuitively.  So I just took a couple of tubes of acrylic paint and started adding to the picture – giving as little conscious thought as possible.  I mixed the paint with a lot of water and acrylic glazing media which makes the paint thinner and more transparent.

That way the collage pictures I had pasted down will show through even if I put paint over them.

When the pages are separated you can see a bit better how each side of  the split picture begins to take its own look:

When I get another 15 minutes I’ll do some more!

Tutorial Time: 3 Faces of Me


Here’s an update on my June 23, 2010 post

1.  Draw a profile on one side of paper

2.  Draw half of a  full face on the other side (It obviously doesn’t have to be a likeness!)

3.  Make several photo copies

4. Doodle on your pictures

5. Color the faces in like you would a coloring book.  (I used permanent markers and pastel chalk).  Crayons work great!

Me, Smuge Face

6.  Have fun!

It’s quick and easy.

If I look at the 3 faces in relationship to my fibromyalgia:  The left is when I’m fibro-fogged and one brain and the other aren’t fully communicating;  The middle is when I’m in pain and gritting my teeth but beginning to come together; the right is my face to the world when I’m feeling “blue”.