Visions of Unconscious Meanings and Messages

Here are 3 vision boards done by an incredibly intelligent, creative, witty and caring woman who has been in MAJOR transition for over 3 years.

All 3 boards were created, one by one,  over a period of a month.  The instructions were simply to cut out pictures that appealed/spoke/grabbed her attention and then paste them on the board.

When she described each element of each board she talked about the literal, conscious meaning it had for her. When we processed each board, separately and as a series, we focused on the unconscious, symbolic and metaphorical messages and meanings.

I’ll show them in the order of creation focusing on just a few elements to take a glimpse at how her unconscious outlook has evolved over that period of time.  Please note these are my observations and not hers.


  • Lots of masculine-feminine energy = black-white on horses, woman & man cuddling etc.  Her masculine energy is holding onto her feminine while her vulnerabilities (midriff & lamb) are exposed to the world
  • Black & white scarf of lamb imposed on Bon Voyage words.  The scarf is “man-made” which is an attempt to take attention away from natural vulnerability.  Bon voyage indicates a letting go/moving on.
  • Feminine hand reaching out for the precious gem. Diamond is a natural element formed over time by compression and “cut” by others.  She is reaching out for the three-diamond ring.  But it is the large square ONE-diamond ring is the one touching the fruit of her labors (tomatoes – With the exception of the animals the tomatoes are the only natural, non man-made thing on her board).  She is reaching out for the less valuable/smaller of her attributes/talents/qualities.


  • Lamb (top) has given birth.= vulnerable feminine is letting go of artifice (scarf) which leads to new creations
  • Masculine and feminine going into the unknown.  Masculine leading.  They carry lanterns to light the way.
  • The feminine hand now is gloved (whimsically – polka dots – covered) and a dove perched on finger.  Hand has moved to opposite side of #1 board and  pointing off #2 board to a next step.
  • The dove is a sign of peace and can also fly.  She is beginning to make peace with herself yet still covers her vulnerability  with her whimsy & humor.
  • Shoes are pointing in many directions – not sure which way to go.  The black boots are the strongest image walking toward the 6 fruits of her labor.  She said one of her favorite numbers is 5 which she pasted several times on the board (conscious mind).  She doesn’t recognize one of her talents/strengths as symbolized by the 6th tomato (attributes/abilities etc. that have had fruition in her life) at the base of the inverted tomato pyramid.  Once again her focus is on her old perceptions and beliefs rather than noticing the new and unexpected.


  • Lamb is now represented by a puppy. White, pure,vulnerable but playful.  Artist needs to incorporate play into her life.
  • There is a diamond ring ON the hand holding the beverage.  She now is beginning to “wear”, show her value. It is not clear if she is going to drink in who she is or she is offering it to another.
  • Diamond is also represented with natural stones under the puppy’s right paw.  The hard edges of a chiseled diamond have soften with playfulness and their naturalness is at the heart of who she is .
  • One shoe is pointed in the same direction as the #2 boots.  Shoe is whimsical (playful) like the gloved hand.  The feminine playfulness is becoming grounded.  The other foot is missing indicating she is still doing a balancing act (perhaps between masculine and feminine?)
  • Women/man on horses (circle on blue chaise) – now separated with the masculine leading in comfort (the chaise).  Comfort with both her masculine and feminine will lead to home, lead to clear vision of her femininity (woman framed on balcony) will lead to her converting the old (vinyl record being converted to digital) and fashioning it into a new modern version of who she is.
  • Feminine is predominant on board #3 indicating her journey of transition has been primarily about  her femininity and vulnerability.


These boards are incredibly rich in images, meanings and messages.  She has done good work in only one month.  The unconscious knows!

Even though YOU did not make them you still can find  YOUR OWN UNCONSCIOUS meanings and messages through them.  

Images are like a Rorschach!

What are the images that have meaning for you?

Vision Masks


Had a deeeeeeeeeelightful time with Stephanie Fermelia’s Heart Support Group at Hoag Hospital doing VISION Masks.

We ran out of time to fully process the collages (or even finish some).  Vision Masks are based on vision boards but can give you a lot more personal information on what you “Face in your Future“.

Here’s a sample.

Judy’s Vision Mask

I doodled on my mask with marking pens and just got a few images pasted down.  Here’s an example of how I might process my own mask.  I’ve not processed it prior and will do so as I type so you can see my processing.

As I look at the mask and pictures I just allow my imagination, my intuition speak without questioning or censoring.

  • Broccoli:  Mouth open ready to receive healthy nourishment in the coming months (probably because the only vegetable in my garden that produced was broccoli!)
  • Shopping bag/right ear:  I need to listen to myself to be able to fill my bag with what is right
  • Right ear: the 5 yellow triangle doodles point inward and the top one is open.  Not sure what this is.  Almost like “mouths” talking to me . . .
  • Nose filled with pictures of trees:  It’s the only opening I filled so I’ve “put my nose” on what I need – nature, outdoors.
  • Right eye – three dots:  Tears?  Tears for past, present future?  Tears for cleansing mind, body, soul?
  • Left eye 3 lines filled with dots:  Perhaps a flood of cleansing tears so that I can listen well.
  • Left Ear 2 large dots/flowers touching the lobe:  Stands for my physical heart, emotional heart and spiritual heart.

There’s more but the bigger VISION emerging for me is to pay attention to my senses – what my mind, body and soul are saying, needing and wanting.  However, I need to listen less to my physical symptoms/being and more to what nurtures and nourishes me.

“What you pay attention to GROWS” The Vision Board

This coming Saturday is my annual Vision Board Workshop

Vision boards are easy and powerful.

The basic premise is that what we consciously (often unconsciously) hold in our imagination is what we will manifest in our life.  Vision boards help keep the direction we want to go and the obstacles to avoid in our conscious awareness.

Here are a few examples from past workshops.  It’s always interesting to see what the images – even someone elses images –  mean for you.

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First Friday, Avoiding the AVOIDANCE Board!

Had a wonderful group of fantabulous women attend FIRST FRIDAY at my office.

Can’t show you the “AVOIDANCE BOARD” that has become a group project.  Instead of a Vision Board (The workshop I hold every year for Chinese New Year) we did pictures of things we want to AVOID in 2011.  It was originally inspired by a donated magazine with pictures of “cheating men’s heads .. . .”

Suffice it to say the expression on Melissa sums up the Avoidance Board.

We also drew bunnies upside down and then pasted pictures that meant something to us around them.  THOSE I can post: