The HeART of Spirituality – Journey from Dark to Light

The theme for July is “Journey”.  Held a special 4 hour – yes, count ’em FOUR hours of creative energy – workshop yesterday.  The participants focused on a painful experience, what strengths they developed as a result of the pain and how God’s love or “the universe’s grace” touched them.  

People could share as much or as little as they chose.  It was a wonderful group of women.  (All you men, where are you?!!!!)

Take a look at a sample of wonderful paintings and mini-journals the participants created yesterday!

To see all the paintings and journal pages click HERE!


Process painting, Journey from Dark to Light



“Everything in life ministers to our development. Our lesson is to study and learn… Tests are either stumbling blocks or stepping stones, just as we make them.” Abdu’l-Baha, The Baha’i World Faith


Mini journal – 2- page spread

Sneak a Peek into my Journal

Visual journaling is more fun for me than written –  I rarely reread my written entries but can look at the visual pages and know instantly what was happening, what I wanted to express (and things I wasn’t consciously aware of expressing!).

I also rarely reread what I write on the blog but the last post on gratitude stuck in my mind.  So here’s my gratitude page AND the process I used . . . in REVERSE ORDER!

Step 3

Added squiggly lines and pastels

This is the finished page – I lost interest in the left side!

Sept 3: Added squiggly lines and pastels

Step 2

Smeared gesso (white paint works too) over the magazine images to blur them

Finished page - I lost interest in the left side! Paint, collage, pastel

Step 2:  Smeared gesso (white) over top of pictures

Step 1

  • I don’t like working on a white page so I spread paint on the blank page. Cut out about 20 pictures
  • Focused on my “gratitude” and picked pictures that caught my attention.
  • Pasted them down.  Didn’t matter they got wrinkled – just adds texture!
pasted magazine pictures

Step 1: pasted magazine pictures onto page that I smeared with paint.

Can you figure out what the focus of my gratitude was?

Tutorial, Processing Your Creative Journal Pages

Spontaneous Journaling
1. Find a photo of yourself at your CURRENT age.  (you can photo-copy the face)
2.From a magazine cut out the body of someone you would like to look like
3.  Paste your head/face on the body, pasting both in your journal.
NOW . . .
  • Focus your attention on your portrait picture.
  • Imagine that the portrait is communicating intuitively with you and she’s telling you something about herself
  • Imagine your portrait is dictating and you are writing down what it dictates:
  • Complete each statement below as quickly as possible
  • Do not think or judge, just write.
  • Do NOT edit, even if it makes no sense to you.
(This is what I spontaneously wrote  (in italics) when I looked at my picture)

I want you to know that I look terrible as a blond!
  • I think others will stare at me and not approve
  • I feel like having fun
  • I look like I don’t care what others think
  • I am happy that I don’t care what others think
  • I am sad I don’t have the guts to dress this way more often
  • I am fearful I am too old to ever dress this way
  • I am mad I was so conservative in my youth
  • I want                       to buy a wig and go incognito and listen to what people say about me
  • I look a bit foolish
  • I like to be myself
  • My secret is I shop in stores for teenagers wishing I was young enough to wear the crazy clothes

How do the statements reflect your current attitudes, situations, desires, life, hopes, fears etc.?
I’m a psychotherapist and I am not suppose to look or act crazy — at least not in public.  As my closest friends know I can be a bit, how should I say, whimisical. . . ., creative . . .  I love things that are a little out of the mainstream.  And I ADORE color.  The more colorful the better.   There is a big part of me that would just like to cut loose and wear anything I wanted.  My picture is telling me that not wanting to look foolish and people not approving is still a big enough part that it actually wins out most of the time
I think I need to talk to her more about my wardrobe.