Tallulah is Owed Apologies


Well, I think I can see part of the problem. Look at the picture of the delightful Tallulah and see what kind of shoes she’s wearing. Has she had to walk downhill AND uphill on your morning walks wearing those shoes? No wonder she was cranky and sending you messages.I am glad you listened and went to the cardiologist. Hopefully this takes care of things and you can enjoy your walks again. Maureen

My Darling Maureen,

You are obviously a discerning woman to have noticed my shoes.  Since I have to perform my job in the nude I pay extra attention to my hair and shoes.  You are absolutely right I was not given time to change into more appropriate attire before we walk.  I shall discuss this with The JudyJudith.

Yours Truly,



Judy and Tallulah … Judy I am glad you figured it was time to go to the cardiologist … and Tallulah – I am delighted you are keeping my new blogging friend on track … please continue with your excellent diligent work!! 🙂
My Dearest Becca,

You are so kind to point out how I keep JudyJudith on track.  It is absolutely delightful to be recognized by such an illustrious Poetess such as you.  You have a knowing beyond your years.

With the kindest of regards,



and…….? have me worried about you now. umm,, stupid question but what made you keep walking for an hour and a half when you knew you weren’t feeling well? Would that be Tallulah Stubbornhead?! Feel better, and please give an update. Love, Laurie F.

My Dear Laurie F.
The Judy Judith walked for about 20 minutes going downhill. I kept telling her I was beat but she thought it was because she was holding her breath too much while she was chanting her prayer. So she stopped chanting where upon I kept telling her I just was walking to the beat of a different drummer. When she finally got the message that I just wasn’t up to par it took her over an hour to get back home because she had to go UP hill.
Very truly yours,
P.S. You are a good friend to be worried about her. HOWEVER, I am a bit hurt, no make that WOUNDED, that you called me Tallulah StubbornHead.  I do believe an apology is in order.

I think Tallulah StubbornHead is totally appropriate.  My goodness, you cannot mess around with Tallulah PaceHead, especially when she’s being cranky.  You and Tallulah have many people, including Max, relying on you, you know.  I think the early morning prayer walks sound wonderful.  I may try that myself.  Please, please take care of yourself.  Raffie

My Dear Raffie,

YOU TOO with the StubbornHead!  That is totally inappropriate.  Let me tell you . . . if I weren’t stubbornly ticking day and night, night and day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 24 hours a day, with no time off, no vacations, no sleep, stubbornly stimulating JudyJudith’s heart she would be kaput. I do believe I am owed an apology.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. You are a good friend to be worried about her. HOWEVER, I am a MORE THAN A bit hurt that you, of all people called me Tallulah StubbornHead.


Cranky folks often need more attention — and often cause they are cranky, we would rather ignore them.
I hope that this new level of crankiness for Tullulahcrankypacehead gives you back your morning walks!
Tell Tallulah for me that you are special, and she shouldn’t be so hard on you, even if she is a crankypacehead.

Dear Dear Lorraine,

TallulahCRANKYPacehead!  You are adding even more insult to injury.  NOW I REALLY AM GETTING CRANKY.  I am beyond hurt, beyond. beyond, beyond



!P.S. You are a good friend to be worried about her. HOWEVER, I am a MORE THAN A bit hurt , I am decimated that you  called me TallulahCRANKYpaceHead.

THESE shoes were made for walk'n

My Dearest Darlings Maureen & Becca,

YOU alone are the ONLY ones who STOOD up for me.  You shall have my undying (no pun intended) admiration and gratitude.  We are women hear us roar.