Let’s FACE it I’m finally an under-achiever . . .

Ah, the days of my youth when I was always striving toward a goal and the criteria for reaching those goals were defined, set and enforced by others. In high school and college I would be mortified if I didn’t do every assignment ON TIME.  And there was no way I would drop a course.  It was an unwritten law that what I started I finished.

No slacking. There were people taking attendance, people grading my work, people watching my progress.

The age of technology has changed all that. I’ve discovered the beauty about taking on-line courses  if you miss the class  (in my case the entire course) no one knows.  I signed up for Carla Sonheim’s Faces class a few years back and never did the exercises.  So here it is again.  I’m already 3 days behind a 5 day course. (That is also the beauty of Carla’s on-line classes – you can do them at your own speed and time and take them again for free!)

Here’s day one – Faces from our imagination:  Paint a blob of water-color the shape of a face, put hair on it and make a face with pencil:






The assignment was to do 8 faces.  I pooped out after 5.  So now I’m only 2 days and 3 faces behind.

 That’s also the beauty of on-line – I can finally be an under-achiever!

Long Lost Ancestors of Blob Critters

My Blob Critters have never before been seen by humans (you are the FIRST) and are an unidentified species. It appears that their long-lost ancestors  live on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico   

(Using high-def camera of a submersible, the scientists captured footage of parts of the ocean floor never before seen by humans, including ancient shipwrecks, unidentified species, and rare geology Okeanos Explorer.) 

Take a look at 9 more pictures.  

Dumbo Octopus

A Dumbo Octopus

Blob Critters, by moi

Blob Critters, by moi (They are not dumb)

Thanks IDA!!!!!!

Year of the Fairy Tale – Swan Lake Yupoed

It’s Yupo Time.

This is a backwards post.

Step #4.  Decided to make a few scratchy pencil marks so that the ugly ducklings knew they belonged to their Ma.  Here’s what I ended up with – Ta DA!


Step #3.  Duckie-Swan and her ugly ducklings.  Fishies swam away.


Step #2.  Decided to add more critters and stuff cuz it was fun playing with the Yupo paper

DSCN5664Step #1  Loaded (that’s an arty expression, not an artist’s condition)  a brush with several different colors and smushed them on the Yupo paper.

The Year of the Fairy Tale, character study – mine and theirs


Froggie turns into Princess and The Prince

The Froggie/Princess says to the Prince:

“Perfect you’re not

You’re lacking a lot

Can’t even fly

On your own in the sky.”

“You’re not very fair

For a prince with no hair

And it may be moot

But you’re short to boot”

These will probably be the characters in my fairy-pome because I’m LOOSING PATIENCE . . . not that I had much to loose . . . trying to find JUST The RIGHT characters.

Year of the Fairy Tale
Year of the Fairy Tale