Sneeeek eeek Peeeek into Judy’s Mask

It’s almost Halloween and masks are a hallmark of that holiday.  In my mixed media on-line class the assignment was “Divergence”.  It was hard to find my focus (what else is new? . . . ) and finally settled on a self portrait.  I thought about all the divergent paths my life has taken, shoulda, coulda have taken, didn’t take. 

I created each layer without conscious thought or choice.  I picked collage pieces at random, colors intuitively as I painted. The meaning of divergence evolved after I completed it.  There are layers and layers of paint and collage with I feel also represent me.  


The end result is my “mask”.

Divergence  Mixed Media Self Portrait, 14″ x 17″ Bristol Paper 

1st Divergence – Egg collage – Among all the eggs and sperm that could have been fertilized there were only two that created my DNA.

2nd Divergence – Colors that represent some of the “large” choices I made at pivotal points in my life that led to who I am and the blind eye I had at those times to choices I could have made but didn’t.

3rd Divergence – Lines of collage and paint that delineate & represent each wrinkle of “small” choices (not to mention my skin) I made and didn’t make.

4th Divergence – Flow of color from the background into my being which represents my spiritual connection to everyone and everything.

Ultimately, whether we are conscious of it or not, we all wear many masks.  There’s nothing wrong with doing so.  It helps us socially, professionally – what we show and who we show it to – to function in a multi-faceted world.  Halloween just affords us to have a bit of fun doing so.