Patient, Heal Thyself: I should get an honorary M.D.

Tallulah Pacehead

I’ve not been functioning up to par.  As most of you, who have followed my blog, know I’ve been having “heart pacemaker issues”.  I’ve sparingly shared the other “happenings” to only a few people because they seemed too bizarre, even for me!  Here’s the list:

  1. After adjusting Tallulah Pacehead, my pacemaker, at least 6 times my light headedness and chest pain kept getting worse.
  2. Adding insult to injury I couldn’t stay awake!!!!!!!!  It was waaaaaaaaaaaay beyond just being tired.  If I sat down and blinked I’d fall asleep, stopping at a stop signal I had to fight to stay awake. I was afraid to drive.  I’d fall asleep for a total of about 8 hours a day (not including 7-8 hours a night)!  The good news is I wasn’t depressed and did intermittently wake up . .. before I fell back asleep . . .
  3. And lastly, I was eating OBSESSIVELY, COMPULSIVELY, non-stop, uncontrolled addictive eating.  I know addiction when I see one but this was the first time I knew it when I BE one.
My fibro doctor, who is wonderful, said I had all the symptoms of narcolepsy. (I always pictured narcolepsy as falling forward or down without warning into a deep sleep, not drifting off)
My cardiologist suggested an angiogram, my internist suggested a c-pap machine and Lindora Weight Control. None of those seemed to be the answer to me as ALL my cardio tests were negative and I’d already gone to Weight Watchers and tried c-pap years ago when I was just exhausted all the time, not falling asleep uncontrollably.
I was so desperate last weekend I started Googling everything I could think of and I do mean everything.  I found the causes:
  • The same blood pressure meds I was now on put me in the hospital in 2009 with a dangerous heart arrhythmia.
  • The medication Mirapex (dopamine enhancer), I’ve been taking for fibro (that literally gave me my life back) can cause NARCOLEPSY and COMPULSIVE ADDICTION to Gambling, Sex or Eating.
Dr. Judith stopped the medications and I’m getting better!!!!!!!!

The only downside is that the morning after I can no longer say

 I was asleep and don’t remember the gambling, sex or food.