“What you pay attention to GROWS” The Vision Board

This coming Saturday is my annual Vision Board Workshop

Vision boards are easy and powerful.

The basic premise is that what we consciously (often unconsciously) hold in our imagination is what we will manifest in our life.  Vision boards help keep the direction we want to go and the obstacles to avoid in our conscious awareness.

Here are a few examples from past workshops.  It’s always interesting to see what the images – even someone elses images –  mean for you.

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The Mask We Show to the World – In the Face of Pain

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A favorite Therapeutic Creative Expression exercise is mask painting – whether it is on an actual mask or on a 2-dimensional outline

I have participants paint or collage the inside and the outside of their mask representing in color, symbol, design how they experience


what they present to the outside world and what they experience on the inside that no one can see.

There is a worksheet on the TUTORIAL PAGE – click on TUTORIALS in the header and scroll down – that helps PROCESS the exercise.  The processing is as important as creating the mask.

The green mask is the only one that is collaged using torn pieces of magazine as “color”.  All the rest are painted with acrylic paint or drawn on with crayon.

I have three masks hanging in my office waiting room.  I find all the masks beautiful, each in their own way.  

Even if you don’t draw/paint or collage your mask imagine it in your mind’s eye and do the worksheet.

I would love to know what your vision is.

Jumbo Journal groupshop

Session #2 of the Monday & Tuesday Therapeutic Creative Expression GroupShops: We did “stacked writing”: Each participant was given a variety of papers and permanent markers.  Instructions are to write their feelings about their personal healing focus:  Write big, sloppy, continuously, write on top of writing, rotate paper, write more,  write on top of writing, rotate again and write, write write until “written out” Yup, you got the idea.

  • Writing-on-top-of-writing creates a textured design.
  • You can say ANYTHING you want, no holds barred
  • No one, including you, can read what is written
Lastly, the stacked writing is torn or cut and mod-podged in the journals they created last week.
Take a look!

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Blog Search Faceoff
Count for Tuesday Oct 12th
Fish: 38
Epiglottitis: 0

JUMBO Journals – The Colors of my Life

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Can you believe that these were done with a credit card as their “paint brush”?

These are from the Monday afternoon Therapeutic Creative Expression GroupShop.

Not one drop of acrylic pain on the floor but there was some on the wall!

Procrastination & Motivation Take on New Meaning

I am clearly split.  Here’s my two finger puppets from the Motivation Beats Procrastination workshop:

My Motivator Puppet “Manny Moe & Jack” (I must delve into that name — it came out of nowhere during the imagery)  is a little angel, a star.  She’s a bit too sweet (sweet! did I just write that?!!)

  Oh my gosh!  SHE’S been the one eating all the pastry, pie and candy. . . .eating enough to fill Manny, Moe AND Jack)

(A clear example of the unconscious process.  Until I started writing I never had those thoughts)

My Procrastinator Puppet Isabelle has a heart ( you can barely make it out in the photo).  She tickles my fancy.  She’s a bit scary looking.  Maybe she should ring her bell and scare me from eating junk.  Ah, but she procrastinates.

The plot thickens (just like my waist . . .)

Prognosticator in Training

Motivation to Beat Procrastination Workshop Today: Two out of 8 who attended were linear.  I was off on my predication by one gestalt processor: https://judithwesterfield.wordpress.com/2011/08/13/prediction/

While I’m examining my new career as a prognosticator here’s some of the highlights.

It was a great group. After a morning of identifying procrastinator “styles”,

Imelda & Sarah, Grumpy & Hope, Cassandra & Pearl, Booger & Happy, Sally & Sara, Meany & Sunshine and their Humans

gestalt or linear processors, family of origin and secondary gains for procrastinating we made a Procrastinator finger puppet and a Motivator finger puppet.  In the afternoon we did imagery finding out what the Puppet’s names were, what they needed to be more active/inactive/empowered in their makers lives and if they would work together for better outcomes.

Here’s another stab at my Psychic PREDICTIONS: Bet you can tell which is the Motivator and which is the Procrastinator!  Take a look

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Tomorrow I’ll tell you what my Motivator Isabel and Procrastinator Manny, Moe & Jack (don’t ask) told me.

Motivation & Procrastination 8 Phases

Four Phases of Motivation

  1. Ow! Avert the task that hurts
  2. Oooh! I’m getting the task done
  3. Mmm: I have time to do things I love
  4. Wah! Here comes another task . . .

Continue repeating all 4 phases, knowing the Mmm’s are worth their weight in gold!

Four Phases of Procrastination

  1. Ow!  The task hurts
  2. Oooh! I’ve found something else to do that feels better
  3. Mmm:  I do the activity that feels good & is interesting
  4. Wah!:  The original task hasn’t miraculously gone away.

 Continue repeating all 4 phases  to become an expert procrastinator.

Moving from Procrastination to Motivation – FRIDAY, AUGUST 5, 2011

Costa Mesa, CA

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

$20.00 per person (pay at the door) Reservations a must.

Contact Laurie@hypnosisconcepts.com or (949) 250-7355

More information: https://judithwesterfield.wordpress.com/workshops-groups-retreats/

Productive Procrastination (Parenthetically Speaking)

My personal physician Dr. Oz sent this to me.  He wanted to validate that my day dreaming was NOT a form of procrastination NOR detrimental to my well-being.

Part of my mission is to help people understand that those of us who are perceived as procrastinators have GOOD reasons for our behaviour.  Mehmet.Knows!

“You might think of daydreaming as a slacker habit, but it turns out that it’s good for your brain.  (yippi) So let your mind wander a little bit today.”

“Zoning out doesn’t mean your mind is on vacation. Just the opposite. New research involving brain scans showed that when people daydream, the brain actually works harder, and in different ways.”  (Beginning to make sense why I’m exhausted all the time!)

“Stop Paying Attention (who said I ever began)
A new study compared brain activity during two different conditions — when people played an easy game and when their minds simply wandered freely. And daydreaming lit up the brain areas that researchers expected it to, such as those areas that handle routine daily activities.”

“But, surprisingly, the activity of daydreaming also activated the lateral prefrontal cortex and the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex — the so-called executive network of the brain, where complex problem-solving happens. Which led researchers to conclude that giving your brain a break allows these higher-function areas to work on the weighty questions humming in the background of your thoughts. You know, those big things, like how to solve a problem at work, resolve an argument with your spouse, or start a new business venture.” (how to figure out how to get someone else to do the things you were going to do when you were daydreaming, resolve world peace, make plans to move to a château in the South of France and/or a Tuscan Villa)

“Make It a Habit  (I’m waaaaaaaaay ahead of the game.  It’s not a habit with me but a way of life)
The researchers suggest people encourage daily daydreaming with simple, mindless activities. Washing the dishes, knitting, doing jigsaw puzzles, or weeding the garden are all good choices.” (These researchers that came up with these were all born before WWI and never burnt their bras)

Update by Max

Dear ALL my best friends,

Since my Human has been toooooooo poooooooooped tooooooooo pop I thought I had better let you know all the important things that have happened.  Here’s my update:

  1.  I was taken to the Vet today!  I got tricked.  I was told we were going for a ride.  Well, I got taken for a ride.  I DO NOT like that place.   I don’t trust anyone in that office.  I was very upset.  You see I had a staph infection a few weeks ago and they were checking up to make sure it’s all gone BUT NO ONE told me that was all they were doing.  One time I got left there for several days and it was a very harrowing experience.  I did get to have a few treats and a walk afterwards because my Human felt guilty for tricking me.  She SHOULD.
  2. My Human got some sleep last night!!!!!! I’m so relieved because she’s been disturbing MY sleep every night and I need my sleep.  I always sleep through the night and NEVER disturb my humans with coughing and snorting . . .  enough said.
  3. My human Judy’s new studio is at a standstill because my Human Dave has a sore elbow.  My human’s are falling apart right in front of my eyes.
  4. My human is working on a new workshop with her friend Laurie Miller. www.hypnosisconcepts.com  It’s about procrastination.  Laurie wants to do it with my Human because Laurie doesn’t know the first thing about procrastinating and My human is an expert procrastinator.


V is for Victories, Very big and Very small

If it’s Tuesday, it’s  Purposely Positive – the group-shop (part support group, part workshop) I facilitate for people with chronic medical conditions.  It’s a place where we can moan and groan but ultimately focus on the small and large victories we have during the week.

Every member, well almost everyone!, made a victory box.  You can make one too to help you focus on the Victories rather than the failures of daily life.  it’s easy:

  • You can use any box, basket or container.   Paint it, decoupage it, decorate it or leave it as it is.
  • Every day write down 1 (or more) “victories you have for that day on a small slip of paper.  Date it. It can be a small accomplishment (got out of bed before it was time to go back to bed, took a 5 minute walk, remembered how to get back home from my walk . . .)
  • to the really large (Repainted the house, Purchased a jack hammer with money I saved using coupons, I refrained from killing my . . .Sailed around the world solo).It doesn’t matter what your own victories are.
  • Find at least one victory every day.  At the end of the week read all the victories you’ve had to date.
Here’s some examples of Purposely Positive Victory Boxes.
Variations on a theme.
  • Have your child make one and write or read their victory at dinner or before bedtime.
  • Do a couples Victory Box, a family victory box, school . . .
  • Instead of a box use a journal book or a glass jar (to watch them pile up).
  • Find a Victory-Buddy to share Victories with or help discover Victories not recognized.
Use your imagination.  The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll realize how many small victories there are in each and every day.
My Victory for today:  I only waited at the Post Office 3 minutes instead of 30 to mail a Hypnotic Healing CD.

1. Have you lost your Passion? 2. Have you ever had a Passion?

And the one I was too chicken to list in the Title:

3. What the hell is Passion?

My colleague and friend Laurie Miller,  www.HypnosisConcepts.com, and I are presenting 2 workshops. The first one is Finding Your Passion at the end of this month.  It’s a passion “quickie” – 2 hours.  The second one is Heart to Heart with Passion the beginning of March.  It’s a more passionate 5 1/2 hours for those people who  . . .

  1. In the first workshops:  Couldn’t quite find it; Found it and lost it again; It showed up and they didn’t think it was passionate enough.
  2. Who didn’t attend the first workshops:  Wouldn’t recognize their passion if it walked in the door, ate all the food in the refrigerator; lay down in their bed and went to sleep; Or just want to have a great time with two fun ladies!

When Laurie and I were developing these workshops and we were looking for a definition of passion so that everyone who attends thinks we know what we are talking about.

Laurie went “Oh ‘my gosh!”- passion can be dark and angry.

I went “GULP”  -Not everyone is hard-wired for passion.

This is NOT the “PASSION” we had in mind.

So we decided to make these workshops predominately EXPERIENTIAL, using Guided Imagery, Therapeutic Creative Expression, NLP and other fun things  so when everyone gets confused about what passion really is they will think it’s their problem. not our “ignorance.”

Sign up to attend one or both!

You’ll have a lot of fun and may even locate your Passion!

https://judithwesterfield.wordpress.com/workshops-groups-retreats/ (secret: just go to the top of this blog and click on the Workshops, groups & Retreats page and it will get you there too . . .)

We are starting to plan our next workshops : Making Sense Out of Your Confusion and Brain to Brain With Confusion

What’s Dr Phil Got to Do with IT?

Had the very first, out of 8,meetings with a fantastic group of women.  All have life altering conditions that seriously have redirected their lives.  I call this a SupportShop.  It’s a combination of support group and Therapeutic Imagery/Journaling workshop

We started off with introductions. Each participant, without looking, was to pull out a picture from a big box of cut-out magazine images.  Then use the randomly picked image to describe how their condition has impacted them*.

Everyone stared at me. (glared at me?)  I offered to go first to model how to use the picture.

The stares turned to grins as I glared at the picture of Dr. Phil I picked out of the box. How in the world does Dr. Phil relate to my Fibromyalgia?   After briefly being speechless, ( for those who know me I am RARELY without something to say) I used Dr. Phil in a way he probably has never been used.  Here’s how Dr Phil and I have more in common than I thought (or he knows).

I have to be suited up to go to the office,  put on an appearance that all is well and I’m OK.  I can’t moan and groan and complain about how much pain or discomfort I’m in or how my energy is flagging, my feet burning.  I’m there for my clients, not the other way around.

Until several years ago when I gave a keynote talk for National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day I did not share with clients that I had fibromyalgia. When I gave the talk, using the Therapeutic Creative Expression I had used for my own “healing” I felt bald, no protective covering anymore.  My experience, thoughts, feelings were exposed to the world.

I’m now ok without any protective head covering and my exposing my life altering condition has proved to be a blessing for myself and help for the people I see. “It” was right under my nose the whole time.

Everyone stopped grinning. It was their turn to figure out how a cowboy with a clown nose, a femme fatale, a Harley woman biker related to life altering medical conditions.  They all did a good job! I think Dr Phil would approve.

*(This is a projection technique that I teach people how to do in the Therapeutic Creative Journaling workshops.  You can read more examples in other blog posts and on the Workshop page on this blog).

A little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock ‘n Roll SupportShop

Click here to hear Donny & Marie sing!


Beginning February 1st I am facilitating a special 8 week Group for people with life-altering medical conditions.  I call it a SupportShop because it’s “a little bit support group and  a little bit workshop” (apologies to Donny & Marie).

It’s called Purposely Positive.

When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia I attended a couple of support groups.  I walked away feeling worse than when I arrive.  The focus was primarily people’s anger over their medical treatment (or lack thereof), the things that they weren’t able to do and the despair that it would never be different.

I never went back. They were singing a different tune than I needed to hear.

If you are in the vicinity or know someone who might be interested please let them know about Purposely Positive SupportShop

For the rest of you I will be posting the therapeutic creative expression exercises we will be doing HERE on the blog.

Even though it’ll be only one 1/2 of the duo,  you can still belt out the lyrics (whether or not you can carry a tune).

Rock on!